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Dan2Daniel Isler... Artist, songwriter, arranger, musician…  Master guitarist and composer Daniel Isler, a graduating senior of The Main Street School of Performing Arts (MSSPA), brings his mix of modern/classic guitar stylings to the world in his upcoming self-titled music project.  Taking to guitar early in his youth, Daniel taught himself the basic fundamentals of guitar playing and quickly developed a love for the beauty and complexity of the instrument.  Upon acceptance to the MSSPA fine arts school in Hopkins Minnesota Daniel engaged in studies to further his knowledge of guitar techniques, music theory, and harmony. This dedicated environment provided Daniel many positive experiences and opportunities to engage with fellow artistic students in talent showcases.  Developing a passion for creating and performing Daniel sought to learn all he could about composing and performing and began writing songs for his upcoming music debut.  With true passion and love for his creations Daniel Isler’s music is sure to touch all who listen and be heart-felt by music lovers everywhere.

“Music has really changed my life. It’s where I go when I am feeling strong, beat, and any place in between. It’s given me a place in the world, a place I really care about and thrive in. When I write, everything goes away except for the single thought that I write for. When that thought has immersed and is played to perfection... There is no other feeling alike the feeling writing and performing gives me.”

Daniel A. Isler



All music performed by Daniel A. Isler Copyright 2010-2013 Channeler Media Group

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