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Welcome to Artistry

Channeler Media Group is home to an Indie music label that will look to showcase talented artistic musicians/songwriters.

CMG began mainly as a songwriting development house, and although the company evolved into a full-service media design company, we still maintain the part of our musical roots that started the company.  This section will showcase music projects produced by Channeler Media for purely Artistic purposes.  We welcome you to come and visit this section whenever you like and hope you enjoy the music presented by these Artists.  We have several extremely talented artists who we will feature music from in the coming months, and we continue to work with up and coming stars to help develop their talents.  If you are or know of someone who is extremely talented looking for a great company to work with on music projects, drop us a note in our contact section with a sample of their music and photo's.  And thank you for visiting Channeler Media