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Media Production & Recording Co.


Hello and Welcome!

     Thank you for your interest in Channeler Media Group (CMG). CMG is a full-service media production and recording company. CMG is dedicated to providing high quality diverse products custom designed to our clients needs. Here you will find information on our company as well as an outline of our operations. Please contact us directly if you have questions or concerns of any kind.


Thank you,
Richard ‘Alatoneo’ Isler
Production Director/CEO
Channeler Media Group


What is Channeler Media?


     Channeler Media was created by Richard ‘Alatoneo’ Isler, a driven and talented media professional specializing in the areas of web design, animation, and studio production. His desire was to create an environment where design creativity and originality would be first and foremost. Beginning mainly as a music production house, the company later changed to include web design and animation services to provide a more diverse range of products to our clients. Redesigned to be a full-service company that can handle all types of media driven products from concept to completion, the Channeler Media Group was born. Our goal is to provide our clients with amazing products and services at competitive rates. To accomplish this, our all-in-one service approach gives us the power and flexibility to provide a diverse range of design products while keeping our client costs very reasonable. This company prides itself on the quality of the custom services we provide.


How is it set-up?


     Channeler Media Group (CMG) is the head entity under which the different aspects of the company are organized. CMG design services are divided into three categories that are each fundamentally separate but can rely on elements from other categories to provide enhanced services. It is in this way that CMG can provide our clients with such a diverse range of design options to choose from at reasonable cost. Need a website? We can do that! Need animation or a promotional banner to go with your website? We can do that! Need sound effects or original music custom designed for your website theme and animations? We can do that! It is this full-service approach that makes CMG such a great place to get your media services. Being a one-stop media products company we will handle all aspects of the media design process from conceptualization to completing and installing your final products. We will hands-on develop your media design to your exact needs and can provide all the additional elements to really make your media stand out among the crowd of other competitors. CMG will create the foundation on which you can build a strong company presence to launch your business from.  At CMG nothing but excellence and total satisfaction of our clients is accepted.


CMG Media Services:


Website Design – Creating new websites or redesigning clients existing sites. Including design elements, content management, social products integration (facebook, twitter, blogs), contact forms, multimedia integration, and site maintenance.


Adobe Animation Services – We specialize in creating animated web banners, promotional advertisements, logo design, and design and title effects created with Adobe design products. We can provide clients with simple to amazingly complex animations for web using Adobe Flash and Adobe After Effects. And promo/film editing in Adobe Premiere.


CMG Studio Services – We house a full production-ready professional recording studio, capable of handling any type of audio/video design project. From recording audio demo’s to complete film/video scoring CMG’s Dimension 7 Studio can cover all audio creation needs to complement any project.


Each product category can provide standalone service, but again it’s our ability to have each of these services under one roof that gives us great power and flexibility in designing products for our clients. No need to use several places to get different media produced for your company. We provide a great solution and one-stop-shopping for your media design needs. It is the goal of CMG that even as a small company we be diverse and ahead of the curve in the services this company can offer to our clients.


About Production Director - Richard ‘Alatoneo’ Isler

     Richard ‘Alatoneo’ Isler began the study of music at an early age learning music through school programs. He quickly became interested in harmony and musical instruments. Continuing his studies through the years he became proficient in playing several instruments. As a youth he was granted scholarships to attend several fine arts programs including places like Blue Lake Fine Arts (BLFAC), a fine arts program for talented young people consecutive years. Introduced to jazz music early in high school, he quickly adapted the freeness of jazz into his classical studies and began creating a style all his own. He then taught himself piano in the early 90’s as a way to increase his knowledge of music harmony and better compose songs. Starting his own songwriting company in 1995 he began writing music/lyrics for local artists and music projects. This eventually led to him opening up his own music production studio.

     Richard then tapped further into his creativity and began studying graphic design and animation. Took several courses in Adobe design software and became proficient in creating and editing using Adobe products. Then he proceeded to learning HTML and web services programming to integrate all the aspects of the graphic design work into creating web services for clients. Finally he expanded and revamped his company to include the new graphics and media design aspects into the services provided and launched the re-envisioned Channeler Media Group as a full fledged media service company.


The Channeler Media Group

     A company built on the belief that a combination of hard-work, dedication, and true talent can overcome the obstacles and odds to success in the modern business world. We will push to maintain our high standards, and always provide our clients with the best quality and service they can get. We will continue to provide our media services at great competitive prices, while maintaining our outstanding quality and commitment to excellence. At CMG we believe we hold the keys to our success, and need only to find the right doors to get to the greatness we can achieve. If you believe like we do, please join us in this journey to success! And let us serve all your business needs!



Richard ‘Alatoneo’ Isler

Production Director/CEO – Channeler Media Group